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Visiting Temple Emanuel 

Have you been asked to visit a synagogue as part of your Religion 101 class course work? Are you a prospective member? Someone looking to connect with your Jewish roots?

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions.

Q: Are non-Jews welcome at Temple Emanuel?

Absolutely! A number of our members are interfaith families, meaning that one spouse is not Jewish. Our Temple community embraces all families who seek Jewish community, or who are looking to raise Jewish children. Moreover, non-Jews, as well as Jews of any denomination, are welcome to view our weekly Shabbat services,

Q: How can I find out more about Judaism?

Temple Emanuel offers many learning opportunities throughout the year for both youth and adults interested in learning more about the culture and the faith.  For children, check out our Religious School hereCheck out our adult learning opportunities here.  

Q: When can I visit and/or observe a religious service?

We welcome you to join our services either in-person or virtually, whichever way you are most comfortable!   Everyone is welcome at our weekly Shabbat services, which are held Friday evenings beginning at 6:30.  We do ask that you register to attend the services if you are planning to attend in person.  Additionally, at least for the time being, we will ask that you social distance while in the Temple and we require that masks (surgical or better) are worn fully over your nose and mouth for the entire duration of your visit. Don't worry if you don't have the proper mask, we have extras we can provide!

If you are unable to make it in person, please join us through Zoom or live on our Facebook page!

Q: Can I take pictures?

Picture taking and recording of audio or video are prohibited in the synagogue. Cell phones should be turned off or set to vibrate mode during services.

Q: What is the dress code?

Manner and dress should be modest and appropriate for traditional worship. We typically recommend business-casual attire.

Q: Do I need to RSVP to attend services or events?

Yes! RSVPs are currently requested to attend in-person services and most events. Click here to go to the calendar and select the date that you would like to join us. If an RSVP is required, the form will be included there.  

Q: Do I need to wear or bring my own yarmulke (kippot) or head covering?

All men are asked to wear kippot. Women are welcome to do so. Kippot are available to borrow at the entrance to the sanctuary.

Q: Can I bring my children?

Children of all ages are very welcome at Temple Emanuel! Families with young children should sit near the door so that they can duck out easily if their children begin to fuss or make noise as to not disturb others during the services.

Q: I have questions about Judaism, can I schedule a meeting with the Rabbi?

All attendees are more than welcome to come to talk to the rabbi at the end of services. 

Have additional questions? Contact us.

Temple Emanuel of Tempe is the only Full-Service Reform Congregation in the Southeast Phoenix Valley.

Sat, May 18 2024 10 Iyar 5784