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A gift to our synagogue means sustaining the Jewish community in the East Valley of Phoenix, Arizona. Whether it’s a gift to our caring community fund that provides a meal to someone who is grieving, the music fund that allows us to enhance beautiful melodies with great technology, or the youth fund that may sponsor a night of fun and games (with a bit of Jewish flair of course) for our teen members- it’s a gift that’s valued and truly has a direct impact.

Your contribution is appreciated! 

Please be sure to select the option to "Dedicate" at the bottom of the donation page, if your donation is being made "In Honor" or "In Memory" of a loved one!

Questions or unsure which fund to donate to? Click here to email our Finance Manager, Sara Winkler who is always happy to share more information.

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Plaque Order Forms

Yahrzeit Plaque
It is a widely observed Jewish tradition to commemorate the passing of a relative or loved one on the walls within a temple.   

זכר צדיק לברכה
"The departed live on in the memory of their loved ones." 

Order or Reserve a Plaque here. 

Tree of Life 
Our Tree of Life is a special tree. It is one that will allow you to celebrate a simcha with a lasting tribute to the person you wish to honor. By inscribing a name on the Tree of Life, you are making this joyous occasion, such as a wedding, birthday, anniversary, etc., a truly lasting event.

When you donate a leaf, you are teaching Tzedakah and expressing your belief in the importance of a mitzvah. As we see our tree blossom, so too will our Temple. 

Order your leaf here! 

Donation Funds

General Fund

Supports the Temple’s greatest needs.

Discretionary Funds

Discretionary are set up for the designated person to spend for the good of our community.

  • Rabbi's Discretionary Fund
  • Director's Discretionary Fund
  • President’s Discretionary Fund

Restricted Funds

Restricted Funds are spent for designated purposes, as outlined below.

  • Adult Education Fund – Support educational programs with assistance for speakers, materials, and refreshments for adult education opportunities at the Temple.
  • Building Fund – Provide additional support toward the building.
  • Caring Community Fund – Support members during challenging times.
  • Dan Gordon Camp Scholarship Fund – Contributions directly help our kids with additional funding to help them get to camp each summer (Camps include Camp Stein and Camp Newman, but are not limited to those camps).
  • Library Fund – Additional resources to help maintain and update the library including books, equipment and reference materials.
  • Music Fund – Provide additional resources to help update music supplies.
  • Newman Audio Visual Fund – Contributions for assistance in repairing, improving and maintaining Temple audio/visual equipment for the classrooms, sanctuary and office.
  • Oneg Fund – Donations to support Temple sponsored noshs and oneg Shabbats; including purchasing food and supplies.
  • Outreach Fund – Funding to provide resources to help promote the Temple to interfaith families and unaffiliated persons to educate about our Temple, its programs and services as a way of engaging and seeking members.
  • Prayer Book Fund – Contributions to help purchase new prayer books when needed.
  • Professional Staff Growth Fund – Adding to Temple resources to ensure that as the congregation grows, funding is available to help grow the professional staff.
  • Religious School Fund – Donations to provide additional support for Religious School programming.
  • Ruach Esha Women’s Fund – This fund contributes to women’s seders or Shabb-Tones.
  • Security Fund– Provides security personnel and upgrades to our building to provide security.
  • TETY Fund – Provides additional support to Temple youth programming for the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and high school students involved in the youth program.
  • Torah Fund – Donations to ensure that if needed, any of our three torahs can be repaired. Also, may be used at a future time to purchase new torahs as decided by the Ritual Committee.
  • Yom Hashoah Fund – Funds to purchase candles and any other items for Yom Hashoah each year.

Endowment Funds

Endowment Funds are very specific and contributions to these are added to the principal amount of the fund, with the Temple using interest accrued for the specific needs established in the endowment.

  • Ann B. Ritt Art Endowment Fund – Support arts-related programming at Temple Emanuel of Tempe.
  • Atid (Future) Endowment Fund – Provide Temple congregants the opportunity to participate in Jewish worship, study and Temple community.
  • Flom Chesid Fund – Assist members in need.
  • Flom Scholarship Fund – Provide 8th-11th graders one-time financial assistance to participate in a Jewish camp, participate in a Jewish studies program at high school or university, to visit Israel or to attend a Jewish sponsored conference or seminar.
  • Robert S. Greenwood Camp Scholarship Fund – Provide financial need-based scholarships for children to attend Camp Stein.
  • Rose Sperling Children’s Fund – Provide financial support to children’s programs, excluding the Yad B’Yad Preschool.
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