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Temple Emanuel of Tempe is a vibrant Jewish community sustained by life-long relationships, excellent educational opportunities, and spirited fellowship. Since our founding in 1976, Temple Emanuel of Tempe has been a Reform congregation that honors tradition. We are an oasis for all who embrace Jewish values to nourish their lives with wisdom, justice and lovingkindness.

Temple Emanuel is the center for Jewish life, education, and community for Jews in the East Valley. As the only Reform temple in the Southeast Valley of the Phoenix Metropolitan area, Temple Emanuel attracts members from all traditions who are looking for a welcoming and inclusive community in which to enhance their spiritual journey, raise a family, educate their children, and live a meaningful life as a Jew in Arizona.

Our first High Holiday services, in 1976, were conducted by Rabbi Marvin Reznikoff (z”l), with Rabbi David Pinkwasser as the Hazzan. In 1979, Rabbi Pinkwasser became our Senior Rabbi, followed by Rabbi Andrew Straus in 1998. Rabbi Dean Shapiro in August 2011, and Rabbi Jason Bonder served as Assistant Rabbi from July 2015- 2018.

As of June 1, 2021 we are happy to welcome Rabbi Cookie Lea Olshein as our newest spiritual leader.  Rabbi Olshein wonderfully exemplifies so many of the qualities our congregation identifies as important including community building skills, creativity, embracing diversity, and interpersonal and leadership skills.  

With  over 300 member families, a friendly and welcoming environment, and a beautiful facility, Temple Emanuel relies on our strong foundation as we continue to grow and change to meet our community’s needs.

Vision Statement

We aspire to be an enduring force for good, connecting the diverse Jewish community across the Southeast Valley, partnering with communities beyond our own, and supporting the State of Israel.

We will serve as a support system to the Jewish community, to be woven deeply through the fabric of  people’s lives.

We will guide our community on their lifelong journey to experience, understand, and bring meaning to our history, values, traditions, and the wisdom of Torah.

We will feed the spiritual needs of mind, heart, and soul.

Together, we will create a vibrant and positive Jewish future.

Mission Statement

Temple Emanuel – Connecting Our Jewish Community

We are a welcoming oasis for all who embrace Jewish values and want to nourish their lives with wisdom, justice, and lovingkindness.

We are connecting our Jewish community and building a better world together.

Since our founding in 1976, Temple Emanuel of Tempe has been committed to building and sustaining a vibrant and inclusive Reform Jewish community by:

  • Connecting and welcoming Jews and members of Jewish families of all backgrounds, including age, abilities, sexual and gender orientation, and levels of observance.  We embrace interfaith families and all who wish to participate in Jewish life.
  • Connecting individuals and families to God, and to Jewish values, culture, heritage, and lifecycle events.
  • Connecting Jews through study and the Hebrew language to the wisdom of Torah and our traditions as ways to advance our Jewish lives.
  • Connecting ourselves to the richness and depth of Jewish spiritual and ritual experience.
  • Connecting our children through positive educational and social experiences, enabling them to discover their own unique version of Jewish life and contribute to society in meaningful ways.
  • Connecting adults of all ages to the Temple Emanuel community by providing creative and innovative learning, worship, music, and social experiences.
  • Connecting to the larger community and world around us by pursuing social action and working for social justice.
  • Connecting to Israel by encouraging an active and respectful dialogue as part of our commitment to the people, land, and State of Israel.
  • We pride ourselves on being a warm, comfortable home, always here to provide social and spiritual well-being for all who walk through our doors.
Sat, June 15 2024 9 Sivan 5784